Pelaa Secrets of Atlantis -kolikkopeliä

Pelaa Secrets of Atlantis -kolikkopeliä

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Atlantis of Pelaa -kolikkopeliä Secrets -

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Pelaa Secrets of Atlantis -kolikkopeliä -

Hier ist etwas, worauf du achten solltest: Dies macht das Meeresfräulein selbstverständlich zu einem besonders begehrten Symbol. Players can do so continually until only partial Colossal Symbols are displayed. Spieler aus Bulgarien sind bei diesem Casinoanbieter nicht zugelassen. Dieses Symbol spielt eine bedeutende Rolle bei einem Bonus-Spiel. Vielä tähän kaiken mysteerin keskelle on ujutettu viekas merenneito, jolla onkin varsin tärkeä rooli tässä slotissa. As we said above, in the present work we Jouez à la machine à sous Land of Gold sur Canada with some of these Beste Spielothek in Streichenreuth finden radices in the manner of the ancient bards cs go major 2019 mythographers who composed the myths of Atlantis and Paradise. In the present chapter we adduce a few of the virtually hundreds of etyms of the word Atlantis in the holy languages of India, Sanskrit and Dravida. Given that most, if not all myths, ultimately derive from India, it is in its sacred tongues that we must quest the Beste Spielothek in Haselbrunn finden for their interpretation and exegesis. Among the Celts and later, in the Irish courts, the filid —the Irish counterparts of the bards and mythographers of the nations of antiquity — would continue and preserve this pristine Atlantean Beste Spielothek in Kirchlotheim finden. As the passage shows, Beste Spielothek in Dachsbruch finden are two such places, respectively called Abbadon and Sheol, app lock passwort ändern to Hades and Tartarus and to Atlantis and Lemuria. This destruction of the world is allegorized in India as that of the forest of Khandava, in the beautiful myth entitled The Incending of the Forest, told in the Mahabharata. Even the Psalms, of the Bible allude to an identical event. Samaan aikaan Beste Spielothek in Trappenkamp finden pitää pelaajaa otteessaan mielenkiintoisella rakenteella ja kelojen asettelullaan. The Book of Job is deemed the earliest in the Bible, and is hence a reliable though difficult source of early myths and pristine traditions. Sunmaker ist ein total moderner Hersteller von Spielideen und Glücksspielautomaten für Spielhallen in Bickenbach. This castrated phallus becomes Mt. They are, at the Casino club 19 jahre level, the wall or dam that encircled Atlantis, and the lofty tower called online casino handy test Pharos or yet, Mt. Teema on jännittävä ja kiinnostava jo sen upean Beste Spielothek in Hellschen finden puolesta.

Other Dravidian etyms are likewise instructive: The Virgin Mother and Her Wondrous Son Yami is also the Virgin Mother of many mythologies, who ends up as the lover of her own son or her father, as we saw in the myth of Sharanyu and Vishvasvat told above.

She is associated with fire, and is said to have invented suttee by throwing herself into the fiery pyre of her dead husband. This feat allegorizes the sinking of Atlantis into the Fiery Pit.

So, Pallas is indeed Dawn under disguises such as the ones just mentioned. In other words, all those etyms and allegories that do not make any sense whatsoever in Greece, find their natural explanation in the myths and symbols and holy tongues of ancient India.

What else but their origin there can explain these otherwise mysterious coincidences? We believe that this strange connection has never been satisfactorily explained before.

Space does not allow a fuller explanation. Ushas is also called Ulka in India, both words meaning the same in Sanskrit, and indeed deriving from the same radix.

But in Sanskrit, the owl is said ulukka, which closely assonates with ulka. So, the owl associated with the Great Mother is just a way of saying that Minerva indeed stands for volcanoes or, yet, that her true name is Ulka or Ulukka, both Owl and Volcano in the holy tongues of India, where the myth was visibly contrived.

And they are even more meaningful, as this tongue is the mother of Sanskrit. It was the one in which the myth of Atlantis was originally composed.

Hence, we should expect to find in it the clearest and the best etyms of all. And such is indeed the case, as this tongue is truly magical.

And we should recall the din of the ports of Atlantis, as Plato and others repeatedly narrate. This is also the roaring confusion that irritated the gods and led to the Flood in both the Egyptian and the Babylonian accounts.

Ataram or adara, etc. Alam is a saltpan or a maritime tract or a saline marshy land. But this etym says more. It shows that the ravished Atlantis became a saltpan, a dismal salty marsh like that of the Rann of Kutch, the site of the sunken Dvaraka, the very city of Atlantis.

To this etym we should add the suffix tis or tix discussed above, and meaning the same as the Skt desha or, rather, dvipa, that is a sinking island.

I also has a connection with Tisiphone and her Fiery Pillar, visible from afar. This pillar is Mt. Atlas, the fiery volcano that eventually destroyed the region.

As a result, Atlantis became desolate and deserted, being identified to Hades or Hell, the dismal realm of Yama.

This suffix also figures in the name of Aphrodite, as we saw further above. Yama is the archetype of Pluto or Hades, the Lord of the Dead.

Tisiphone or Persephone is his faithful wife, who committed the primordial suttee, and who the Hindus equate with Ushas and Mahavidya Chinnamastaka.

Atlantis is, accordingly, personified as Kala Time or Chronos idem or Zurvan Akarana idem ; as the All-Father whom all legends represent as hoary with age and often associate with death and castration Kronos, Kala, etc.

As usual, the Mamm the Wheel is an ancient Gnostic motif Leonardo was secretly a Gnostic representing Atlantis as a replica and of the Pyramid.

So are Christ, Ixion, Vishvasvat and others who pertain to the same primordial motif of spanning the distance between Heaven and Earth with their immense size, or with that of the phallic instrument of torture they are pinned to.

As such it recalls how the angels of Atlantis, the Sons of God, such as Angiras, mingled freely with the Daughters of Man, the sin that led to Doom.

Atal denotes shaking, dancing, coition, saying, singing, reciting, gambling, etc.. So, we are instructed at what price the Sons of God taught the Daughters of the Giants the stage arts in ancient Atal-alant.

Again, an infinity of similar assonances is possible, but the above will have to do for the moment being.

The reader may be surprised to see that we are approaching the myths from essentially all nations as if they all belonged to a single tradition.

But this is exactly the case, at least insofar as the myths of Atlantis are concerned. Atlantis is the Primordial Land whence the Civilizing Herves of all nations originally came.

And their myths on Paradise are their common heritage, passed down the times, by word of mouth, as the sacred history of the primordials of Mankind.

Tata is any slanting portion of the body, as the shoulders or the waist. Tata is a name of Shiva as the Shivalinga.

Tala means the base of fundament or bottom part, as well as a low land, usually marshy. The second etym ties in with the Bottomless Pit a chasm , and the first with its dual denoting a flatland or a saltpan such as that of the dismal Rann of Kutch the Indus Delta.

The word tala also evokes the idea of a spread out hand, one of its etyms. This is also a name of the Indonesian Peninsula, as we will see further below.

The idea is that Atlantis consisted of a lofty mountain Mt. Atlas surrounded by a flat marshy plain of enormous size, which was subsequently invaded by the seas, in a cataclysm.

It is in these two destroyed regions that the two Atlantises, Mother and Son, are indeed to be found, buried under the mind deposited by of the Flood.

Tala denotes the palmyra or toddy palm. Its scientific name is Borassus flabelliformis, and its Dravidian names are tar, tali, tari, tati, etc.. The name Tala is often applied to Shiva, the slender and graceful trunk of the palm-tree being an usual symbol of the phallus.

Indeed, the toddy palm has a sweet palmetto heart , which is used to prepare a spirituous drink called toddy or arrack. The toddy cat Viverra — a mustelid that is hunted and castrated for the musk produced by its phallus — is natural enemy, as it climbs to the top of the palm and ravishes its heart for its sugar.

The toddy cat is the animal represented by Ursa Minor, the Polar Constellation of the Phallus, and the toddy palm is its dual, symbolizing Lyra the Yoni , the other Pole Star.

We discuss this subject in detail in our essay on The Song of Songs which we direct the interested reader. The two lovers are clearly the two Pole Stars, and the profane atmosphere of the poem betrays its Oriental origin, and its deep eschatological message, as we show in our work just mentioned.

Oddly enough, the palmyra or toddy palm is often confused with the betel palm arecca catechu , also used, for the production of toddy. This castrated phallus becomes Mt.

Such castrations are an obsessive motif in Hindu myths and indeed, in most mitologies. The motif dates from the Rig Veda hymn This happens during coition, exactly as in the case of Ouranos castrated by Kronos.

Tala also denotes the throne of Durga, the female of Shiva. Its dual, tarah or tari denotes an ax, or the action of felling a tree.

Pan or Bacchus — the Phallic God of the Greeks and Romans — has a name and nature that derives from the Dravidian names of the toddy palm, the emblem of the erect phallus.

Many authorities have recognized the Hindu origin of both Pan and Bacchus Dionysos , and we see that they also link with the legend of Atlantis, whose Indian origin is hereby confirmed.

Pan, the Primordial Castrate Pan too, like Bacchus was a castrated god. He was an alias of Bacchus or Dionysos, in a more primitive avatar.

This etym of Pan has further relations with castration. The ultimate etym of this name of the goat buck is the Dravidian pakku mentioned above. And the flail or thresher was a well known phallic symbol.

It was carried as a royal insignia by the Pharaoh, who used it as a sort of scepter. This is shown explicitly, f.

The flailing of criminals and slaves is a supreme humiliation which allegorizes impalement, and is said to expel even devils. In Egypt, the god Min often bore a flail on one hand while the left held his penis by the root.

The scenes suggests castration and the punishment with flailing. Self-castration was often practiced by the priests of Cybele the Galli and many other worshippers of the Mother Goddess.

Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Min, Tammuz, Pan, Shiva are a few of the many castrates either by themselves or by the goddess who represents their female moiety.

Rituals such as infibulation and circumcision also clearly relate to castration in honor of femininity. A-tala — The word tala also denotes the palm of the hand and, more exactly, the open outspread hand with its five fingers.

The palmyra or fan-palm is so named because it resembles an open hand, as we said above. This peninsula is also called Kara or Kra, meaning the same in Sanskrit.

The Hand of Satan closely recalls the Charybdis of Homer and the Vadavamukha of the Hindus which, as we saw, also link to the sinking of Atlantis that rendered the region inavigable.

It is extremely interesting to see this feature connected with the region of Indonesia and with the Atlantis legend.

In the Thousand and One Nights and in other Oriental sources the site of this terrible vortex is place in the Malay archipelago The same idea of the Hand of Satan is also embodied in the Sanskrit pan or pach or panch or pancha and the Dravidian pakku or pana , denoting both the palm-tree and the palm of the hand or the number five the hand spread out, showing its five fingers.

The outspread, raised hand was used by the Celts and the Nazis to salute their heroes. The idea is that one is not to fear the Flood or Phallus of God, because it will be so sudden that it will not hurt.

More esoterically, the gesture suggests the raised phallus which is the main attribute of Pan and Shiva, and which denotes the resurrection or rising of the Phallic Star Ursa once again, now that the time has finally arrived.

And, above all, it denotes the resurgence of Atlantis and its lofty Pillar, as well as of its downtrodden races, in the Golden Age that is dawning.

Pan or Pani is the name of the Dravidians in the Rig Veda, the clever Dasyus of the lofty towers relentlessly destroyed by Indra.

The Panis are also the Panyar castes, worshippers of the banyan panyar , the tree that is the Tree of Life and the very emblem of resurrection.

This tree is the Indian figtree, Ficus indica grows inverted, downwards from the top of its dual, the Bodhi Tree of Knowledge the sacred figtree, Ficus religiosa.

All Biblical events are to be explained and understood as allegories not always decipherable. Palm Sunday is the one preceding Easter.

It commemorates the triumphal entry of Christ in Jerusalem, when the people strewed palm branches before him John The symbolism of the palm tree branches as an emblem of victory is well attested in the Bible.

The palm branch is also a symbol of resurrection akin to the Golden Bough of Aeneas and of Diana Nemorensis the one of the lake in Ariccia that so intrigued Sir J.

The Christian martyrs often hold palm branches in their hands as an emblem of their expected resurrection at Doom. They, are the ones who acclaim the resurrected Lamb in the Celestial Jerusalem Rev.

This is a quote from Zacharias 9: But comparing with its equivalent in Jeremias Indeed, it represents the Ashvin twins and other such ass-headed Saviours Dadhyanch, etc.

The Branch is the palm tree that resurrects. Again, it also refers to the Phoenix, itself an allegory of Atlantis. In Greek as in other tongues the palm tree and the Phoenix are both named the same phoinix.

The Phoenix and the Palm are both considered as emblem of resurrection did Judeu-Christianism and, indeed embody a hidden allusion to the rebirth of Atlantis, the true Celestial Jerusalen.

Nabhas also denotes the navel nabhi or nave or axle or pivot, as well as the musk deer mriga-nabhi , the alias of the Pole Star and of the toddy cat.

The word also names the Yoni Lira and a Kshatrya. Tala denotes an expanse like the sky and, as we saw, a palm tree trunk tala.

Hence we see that, by confusing or playing with the words, one arrives at the ideas that of a tent or expanse of tissue nah supported by a pole tala.

Such images of Paradise as the Primordial Tent are also commemorated by the peculiar shape of the tents of the Germanic tribes, or those of the North American Indians teepees.

A further mythical wordplay concerns the Cosmogonic Marriage. The passages on the palm tree are repeated in Nehemiah 8: But the symbolism is the same.

So in Jeremiah They clearly stand for the Pole Star or, more exactly, for their succession as the eras elapse. In the oniric imagery of the Song of Songs the palm tree tamar in Hebrew figures prominently, as elsewhere in the Bible.

The palm tree is rather rare in Israel, as it does not withstand its mountainous, bone dry climate. It is only seen in the coasted region and the Jordan valley, and never in the region of Jerusalem.

Celestial Jerusalen is also the Primordial Heliopolis which is the true home of the Phoenix. We note also that many Egyptian temples had pillars of stone replicating palm trees, exactly as in the one of Ezekiel.

The Egyptian palm columns were later substituted by papyri stems, but the phallic symbolism is thereby preserved verbatim.

The phallus here represented is that of the Monkey Vrishakapi or Hanumant , the animal whose phallus actually recalls an umbrella or a palm-tree.

In the Song of Songs 7: The Prince says to her:. He is here seen climbing the toddy palm in order to ravish its heart and steal its juicy soma toddy.

And he will throw down the leaves that he cuts off in this archetypal act of castration so laden with eschatological symbolism. It is those leaves that cover the way of Christ when he rides the donkey the humble, phallic version of Pegasus into the Celestial Jerusalem of Heliopolis.

Israel, having very few palm trees, and no civet cats or toddy cats could never be rightfully called the Phoenicia, the Land of the Palm Tree or embody such archetypes as its symbol.

Indeed, the only place in the whole area that fits the requirements is Indonesia, as is visible by a study of the phytogeography of the region.

Besides, monkeys are notably absent in the Near East, and it is also hard to see how their mythology could have evolved there. And, of course, the toddy cat is another animal that inexists in the region of the Near East we can only conclude that the Song of Songs originated farther east, in the Indies.

In fact, we analyze this problem in detail elsewhere, arguing in detail that both the Song of Songs and the Thousand and One Nights, indeed originated in the Indies, where traditions anchas those of the Ramayana and the Jatavas.

Hence, Atlantis both is and is not, having or having not reached its end, according to the point of view of those who believe in its resurrection or not.

Ganesha was decapitated when his head was burnt out by Shiva. His head was subsequently replaced with that of an elephant.

The idea is that this head was really that of his phallus the palladium. Typhon too was a serpentine dragon, like the phallus he imaged. This last name was used by Thomas Morus in his undue divulgation of certain secrets concerning Atlantis Utopia.

And he was beheaded for just that transgression. This is name of Shiva as the lofty pillar or mountain that supports the skies, cleaving Heaven and Earth asunder.

The word Atalas is essentially identical with the name of Atlas, another world-supporter. There can be no doubt that these two names have a common origin.

Given that the name of the Titan means nothing known in Greek, but is laden with hidden meanings in Sanskrit, the natural conclusion is that the Greeks copied the myth of Atlas from India.

Shiva as the linga or pillar that supports the skies is, perhaps, the most popular god in India. There, lingas made of rock crystal or alabaster are worshipped by the millions, exactly as is the Christian Cross in the West.

Indeed, the Crucifix is the image of Christ as the Purusha tied to the Cosmic Pillar, which is precisely the image of the phallic Shivalinga.

One day, Vishnu and Brahma were discussing who was the mightier of the two. A fiery pillar suddenly appeared before them which stretched up into the skies and down to the bottom of the Ocean.

Brahma assumed the shape of an eagle and flew up, attempting to reach the top of the pillar. Vishnu changed into a boar, and dived under the seas, reaching for the base of the pillar.

After a long time of unsuccessful exertion, the two gods returned and realized that Shiva, the Fiery Pillar, was the greatest of the three gods of the Trimurti.

One such appears in disguised form as the primordial Creation Act of Genesis 1: In the beginning God created Heaven and Earth. The same conception is repeated in Gen.

Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the Earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding. Tell who hath fathomed the measures thereof if thou knowest?

Or who hath stretched the line upon it? Whereupon are the foundations thereof fastened? Or, who laid the cornerstone thereof, when the Morning Stars sang together, and all the Sons of God shouted aloud, in joy?

Who shut up the sea with sluice-gates when it brake forth from its maternal womb? When I wrapped it up in a blanket of clouds and cradled it inside a dark fog?

New subtitle not specified which We quoted that remarkable passage of Job because it sheds a lot of light over the matter of Atlantis. But we return to the discussion of the passages of Genesis 1 and 2 quoted above.

In contrast the corresponding passage in Gen. This can be seen from a close reading of the above passage and of others related to it Job The Separation of Heaven and Earth The idea is also that of fathering or manufacturing in the manner of a smith or an artificer.

The concept detailed in Job is also that of as slow and painful artificial creation rather than something as sudden and brutal as the Big Bang.

In other words, the passage of Gen 1: In this way, Genesis is seen to conform to the other mythologies that tell of the Separation of Earth and Sky.

In particular this has to do with the limit those of India and of Egypt, as shown in pictorial form in Fig. This expression is a standard formula of the Rig Veda, whence it was taken verbatim.

Geb is the Earth god and Nut is the Sky goddess. Geb was considered the physical support of the world, a sort of Cosmic Pillar, akin to Shiva and Atlas.

It is interesting to note that Shu has both a twin sister and wife in Tefnut. Thus, the two were considered the primordial couple in Heliopolis, where Geb and Nut were considered their twin children.

Shu and Tefnut are frequently identified with the twin lions called Akher or Ruti, revered in Leontopolis and elsewhere.

The two were also represented as the Standing Serpent and the Coiled Serpent or, yet, as those of the uraeus. They also corresponded to the Solar and the Lunar eyes of the god Horus, a conception that originated in the Indies.

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